Communication Design


Lost in the Middle. PHD Report

Layout Design for PHD report completed by Nomonde Ntsepo. 

A report on Migrant Children's Access to Education in Johanesburg

Three2Six Refugee Children's Education Program

Full Rebrand of all Marketing Assets and Imagery.



Insight Publications / Book Cover Design / 2 of 4

Design and Illustrate artwork for the cover of four Textbooks, distributed Australia wide and enjoyed by some international schools.

Various Branding Jobs

Branding work for Builders, Magazines, NGO's, Creative Agencies, Furniture and Autotrade Businesses.

The Magic Room

The Magic Room, is a space created by Teach For India fellows, where kids can reach their potential through independent learning and remedial classes.


Project Third World /
Positively Transforming World

Positively Transforming World (PTW) is a 100% volunteer-run international organisation that focuses on health and education. We are not an international-volunteering organisation, but rather, a volunteer organisation that has volunteers working to improve health and education in their own towns, cities and communities. Our volunteers across the globe connect together as one team to improve the world.

All money raised from PTW health and education events and workshops are used to resource disadvantaged and struggling schools and orphanages with health and education resources. PTW volunteers who live in the towns and cities of these schools and orphanages volunteer at the school or orphanage to improve health and education.

The children attending these schools and living in these orphanages are very disadvantaged and from low-income backgrounds.