When it comes to photography, it is more of a passion than an income. I struggle to be labelled as a 'Portrait Photographer' or a Wildlife Photographer' because all I really do is take photographs of moments that are special to me. 

I get asked often, 'why do you not watermark your photographs?'

My answer is that I believe the watermark ruins the artwork, it instantly commercialises that moment. In that moment, a watermark was not present, therefor should not be in the photograph. These will always be mine because I took them, if people wish to steal them without my permission they run the risk, but with technology the way it is, two clicks and a watermark disappears. 


Where it all began...

My first solo adventure was to Cambodia and it is this trip that sparked my interest in travel photography and the love of cultural immersion. 
Below is a gallery of images that I took with an old Canon that I still have and when I need inspiration, it is these photographs I look at. That may sound vain, but I draw upon past experience to enhance my future and this gallery is very special to me as it gives me the opportunity to see where I started and what started it for me.

Capturing the essence of the world, that is the purpose of my work.