Sorry to stray from the Blog's initial purpose but I cannot express how painfully sad I am to hear of David Bowie's passing. I normally lack the ability to shed a tear instantly upon hearing of one's passing but this really got to me. I send my love to my sister who will also be hurting today, we grew up with Bowie as 'Jareth' in 'The Labyrinth' and his talent as a Musician and a Performer cannot be over shadowed, his duet with Mercury in Under Pressure will always remain one of my most loved pieces of craftsmanship. To you Bowie... Rest in Peace



In other news we went for lunch at the Headmasters house and went for a swim in the School Pool, can still pull off a 'Blackout' on a three metre diving board (dusts off shoulder). Last night, Kellie fell asleep early but I was not ready for bed, instead I went down to the main entrance and sat with the security guards for half an hour, smoking cigarettes and talking Joburg culture. The guys, Raphael, Tembo and Walli, told me all the places not to go. We came to the conclusion that if we piggy backed into the nasty areas we might just be alright ;) 

Tembo is a chef, he has worked at the Fat Duck and the Hilton in Cape town but due to the lack of opportunity in South Africa for youth and progression, he is unable to secure a position in a kitchen, doing what he loves most. He is a well spoken and highly educated man and it is heart breaking to think that a talented individual who finished Varsity with a degree in food science, is passed over, time after time. 




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