Neighbour Goods Market

It has been a few days since I updated all of you beautiful people, things have happened that we have had to deal with, it has been a hectic few days. Nothing to worry about, it was just a hard week for the both of us. The kids are back in full swing and I am exhausted from all the piggy backing and swinging around I have to do. It is the best kind of tired. Every morning I get a massive hug from more than thirty of the children, it makes every day worth while to see them run from one side of the soccer field just to jump into your arms and say hello! See, here in Johannesburg, hugs are allowed and most definitely encouraged. Instead of this ' Nanny Culture' in Australia where if a male smiles at a little girl he is a Pedophile, no if's. Mothers quickly rushing their child away from the friendly stranger who was just returning a little girls smile... Oh how I do not miss the over protective bubble of Melbourne. Enough of my lip, here is an update.

Today, Saturday, we attended a most brilliant place called the Neighbourgood Market where an incredible assortment of wholesome food and sweet tooth tickling treats, cocktails and beers, local artists showing their creations and the most amazing ZULU dance troupe strut their stuff. The photos do not do it justice.


An amazing display. Perhaps a side note that most of these dancers were next to naked. You see the cultural patriotism here is astounding and tradition is tradition, no one was put off or walking away because there was nudity, no complaints, no problems. Imagine if I was doing the one two step with the white boy clap back home in my birthday suit... imagine it ( sorry for the foul visual ) and then imagine the consequences.

I know a lot of people know not all that much about this beautiful country but one thing is for sure, South Africa is a progressive country with a more relaxed and open mind than that of most of the world. The issue with the cultural patriotism is also a large problem here however as this is the pure root of 'Xenophobia', where in tribes fight among each other, a race war within a race war. 

On a higher note, here is a photo of me shopping. Kellie and I bought a broom. We hope our parents are very proud of our domestication.

I leave you with my blog corner with a thank you for following and to my 'Partner in Crime' Kellie for taking some photos of me. Some VERY interesting stories to come, as soon as boss lady says I can post them. I love and miss you all. Be safe and stay happy.

BJ Out.