The bubble hath popped

My whole post just got deleted because the internet dropped out.

Three things have happened to us in the last week.

First, Kellie was a victim of Credit Card fraud. We were at the ATM trying to pay our electricity bills when two men approached and feigned a helping hand. That hand ended up trying to withdraw from Kellie's account eighteen times. When we were not looking he slipped something into the ATM that gains him access to the accounts. His interruption caused the machine to swallow the card in defense. That was the worst thing that could have happened.  Lucky there was a limit on the card. He was well dressed and well spoken so I can calmly and politely call him an asshole.

Second, Kellie accidentally consumed a nut that causes a horrible allergic reaction. I was on the other side of the school when this happened so I only found out about ten minutes after she had gone to see the school nurse. I watched her take two Junior EpiPens like a boss, one in each leg, then we proceeded to take her to the hospital. I called the Travel Insurance Agency and tried to sort out a solution to our problems but I still had to front the bill because Kellie's cards were both cancelled as opposed to just the one that was swallowed by the ATM. Daddy Warbucks takes care of his lady. Im BROKE! Haha just kidding.

The muffin, eating a muffin.

The muffin, eating a muffin.

Third, a gentleman, using that term loosely, approached our car at a red light and brandished a gun, demanding we give him Marie's phone. Marie is a German Volunteer that we have the privilege of working with. The man looked through the window and said 'I have a gun, bitch, I will shoot you'. Charming.

We are here to prevent these things from occurring in the lives of the children we take care of. The Three2Six program will help prevent these children from turning out like the criminals roaming the streets. We are alive and breathing, we are smiling and back at work today. What we have just experienced does not compare in anyway to what some of our kids have been through. We have had our lives endangered but perseverance is the most important thing, we are here to provide a safe haven for the children in the program and what we have experienced is now a physical representation of what we are here to stop.

Most people are not out to cause us harm or do us wrong, unfortunately where there is extreme poverty, there is a heightened criminal presence. We will not be intimidated nor waved from our purpose, for giving your life in the service of others has no comparison...just like Kellie's tattoo says, 'Kindness, I've discovered, is everything in life'.


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