Kokwenyuka (Ascension)

Things are getting steadily better here. Kellie and I are enjoying ourselves more and more every day. We literally do not even think about what happened anymore, as it happens to everyone. We know how to handle the situation now, if it were to happen again. Being here is a lot like being a child, we must make mistakes in order to succeed.

Alas, it is my turn to fall ill. Seriously, we knew this would happen. Food poisoning! Yummy. Still, the dinner was amazing, just poisonous haha. I spent a day in bed and went back to work. If you are ever feeling unmotivated, come to Three2Six and you will hate the days you have to spend at home because you are ill.

Goddess level : Ben

Goddess level : Ben

Today I stayed at school while Kellie went off to her IPAD training course, a new program has been released that evaluates almost everything from length of time it takes a student to read a question to how well they comprehend the questions asked while using the program. Integrating this into the Three2Six program will help identify weaknesses and strengths a lot quicker than in the classroom.

Today was 'hell' to say the least. Let me break it down. Linn and Kellie are both away training in Pretoria, Marie had to take care of a little boy who was hit in the head with a cricket ball so guess what. It was me and 150 students running around two gigantic grass fields. 150/1. It was like Charlie Bucket after he found the golden ticket, only difference is the masses wanted to jump on me since nothing about the situation was golden at all. It went a little something like this.

  • 1 student decided to push another student off of a two meter high drop, from one field to the next. Student victim one, landed on his forehead. Students decided to kick each other, then use me as a shield. Student perpetrator has been sitting in the office for four hours straight.
  • Student decided that throwing a cricket ball at a grade 1 was a suitable way to welcome him on his first day. Possible broken rib.
  • Students saw their first taste of bad Benjamin.
  • Benjamin is tired as 150 students, lined up, walking single file to their classes across a busy car park, is no easy task.

For the rest of the day though I have been able to do what I love, take photographs and help the children learn their English language.

Grade 2 work time.

Grade 2 work time.

This is seriously the greatest thing in the world. To be unconditionally loved, just for being you. That is worth everything to me. I will be posting a video next week, I will be editing over the weekend. Be happy and smile.


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