One more update.

Monday / another hospitalization. Poor Linn Linn had a taxi cut her off, subsequently leading to her being hit from behind by another taxi. Whiplash and a milddddd concussion. Luckily for us we were not in the car but it is still devastating. She is feeling better but before she could heal properly she sent these photos to her parents to scare them, it worked a treat.

So, here we go, Monday was insanity. With Linn in hospital and Kellie taking care of her, the teachers not at school yet, Marie occupied with students a few hundred metres away, the children decided it would be a fantastic idea to play in the sprinkler. Play? More like take turns sitting on it. I tried my best not to get drenched but the only way to save the kids from being wet all day was to run in and pick it up. Next minute, Benjamin is one soggy gentleman.

After the sprinkler incident the children decided to unscrew the fixing on a water tap. Already drenched, I figured the only logical person to fix this flood was me. It took twenty minutes in total but I finally got the sucker on. The kids all cheered and clapped but the damage was done, I was annoyed and wet, like a lumberjack with a rusty axe.

The rest of the day was a manic display of two volunteers trying to keep a all the students in check. Eh, rough.

Finally, Tuesday came.

I spent the day with the Grade 1's, helping them with their spelling and elocution, filming and taking photographs for the new website and video. The kids continued their energetic rampage and Tuesday took its toll on our feet and mood. Because of this, we went for Chinese food.

Nice neck brace, Linn.

Nice neck brace, Linn.

Man I was craving Chinese food.

This week, we also handed out all the new shoes to the Three2Six students. We fitted 125 kids with roughly fifteen different sizes, all in 2 hours. Seriously, I want a medal.

There is a new program that we are implementing on the Ipads, it records all sorts of information and we are looking forward to next week to see how the kids handle it. The program is already make great advancements in 2016 and I am honored to be a part of it.

The saddest part of the week was being in the office, sitting with two grade 1's whose parents were not at the bus stop to collect them. Linn phoned them explaining the situation but the parents were extremely uncooperative, it took more than ten minutes just to get them to agree to pick their children up. The parents told us to drop them off the following day. Again, this is why this program exists, not just to educate and play, but to safe guard them against volatile lives at home. All in all it has been another tiring week but we are rewarded with hugs and love. Some of the grade 1 girls told me they love me because I am white. Explaining the semantics of racism and how seeing people for the color of their skin and not the color of their personality is wrong, is not the easiest thing to do with such a rough language barrier.

Anyway, I am being pressed to go to dinner so until next time, peace.

P.S Linn is the one making me leave.

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