Ukuqalisa Aphinde (Start Again)

As I look back on January, I can honestly say it has been one of the toughest times I have had in my life, aside from losing loved ones, and David Bowie....and watching Han Solo die in 'The Force Awakens'... ( don't get mad at the spoiler, if you have not seen it yet then your fanboy level is too weak ). So, Kellie and I went on a little journey. We started at 'Constitutional Hill'.

Not only is this the home of the Constitutional Court, which is South Africa’s highest court and custodian of the constitution, the hill also includes a collection of historic buildings, most of which used to be prisons.

We then went to 'The James Hall Transport Museum'.

The James Hall Museum of Transport in Johannesburg is the largest and most comprehensive museum of land transport in South Africa. It was established by the Late Jimmie Hall together with the City of Johannesburg in February 1964.

Finally, we went to the 'Gold Reef City Casino'. Such a beautiful Casino, classy and multicultural. We had a beautiful lunch and won some money. The architecture is to die for. We had a quick smash at the Arcade, Kellie beat me at basketball. I am officially benched. We drew at Rollball though so I still feel good.

Okay, so I have shown the beautiful photos void of us, now look at our model photos. We are about to have some pasta and watch some random late night junk on television, I will probably just sit in front of the fan. The fan is literally the best thing I have ever purchased.

P.S We bought a Vacuum. Also, I am getting a sty at the base of my eyeball. Bleh.


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