As this is my first post, let me make it marshmallow. I write how I speak and care little for the 'proper way' of expressing oneself using the English language. This next twelve months will determine my life from here on out as I have left the Graphic Design world because of its volatility and lack of respect for its employees. I have left my office, my friends, my family and my bubble to push my limits and make as much of a difference in this world as possible. Perhaps I am fooling myself thinking I can make a difference but you can damn well bet I am going to try. I care little for the material things in this world...except for my lovely camera and the laptop upon which I write this... what a walking contradiction I am! The purpose of this adventure is help educate and facilitate a safe environment for young refugees from various regions of Africa and assist in providing a helping hand to aide their journey from children to teenagers. I will be raw and open and if anything I write offends you in any way you are most welcome to press the back button or quite simply just close that little laptop screen of yours, over sensitivity is killing originality and realism. Regardless, my battle with Hyper Anxiety shall continue but now that I have a purpose I feel that will become a fleeting memory; a memory I will cherish but miss in no way, shape or form. I am currently at the International Airport in Perth about to board my flight to Doha so stay tuned for some awesome African...ness.

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