What is happening at home? Are we truly supporting a government that has banned the arrival of refugees by boat? How can the country that prides itself on its multiculturalism and acceptance be so inhumane and cold? Reclaim Australia? Wake the hell up!


Lets get back to basics and look at the definition of HUMAN



a human being.

synonyms: person, human being, personage, mortal, member of the human race; 
man, woman,child; 
individual, living soul, soul, being; 
Homo sapiens; 

LIVING SOUL! I guarantee you, literally one hundred percent, that every person on those boats is a LIVING SOUL. Guess what, some living souls may not always do the right thing, some may cause trouble in our country but I guarantee that the amount of trouble caused by those we allow to seek refuge in our country is a whole lot less than that caused by Australian citizens.

Put yourself in the shoes of some of these people. Please. Imagine having nothing, or no one, imagine being an unaccompanied minor and travelling across a vast stretch of ocean just to save yourself from being murdered, or starving. Imagine moving to a new country with nothing except the shirt on your back, imagine that it is you or someone you love, just desperate to feel love and to feel safe. 

Pathetic Australia, pathetic. I am tired of being belittled for being Australian by the rest of the world, when I travel I am looked down upon because I am instantly vilified for the actions of our leaders. You disgust me. I do not want to return because I get the privellege of working with Refugee children and that is an honor because they have been through more than you will ever, ever imagine yet they still have the capacity to show more love than a nation that crumbles at the feet of those who are afraid of change, afraid to help other souls achieve peace.

Fuck your peace, your jobs, your home and anything else you hold dear, the only things that matter in this world are the people in it and the relationships we build, wealth is nothing without a smile. 

Leaving you disgusting and disgruntled, I urge you to wonder, would I ever assume that human beings would be capable of turning me away if I came by boat from this...

Not my photograph

Not my photograph

I am ashamed to be Australian.