Going going, back back to Pilanesburg

On the weekend I returned to Pilanesburg, my favourite place in South Africa to shoot Wildlife. 

These are just two of my photographs from the weekend away but I wanted to get a quick blog in before I get too busy this week. Kellie and I only have a few weeks left here and I can feel the emotions rising.

I am struggling to come to terms with the fact that I will be leaving soon but I look forward to returning. I have some wonderful things to look forwards for, turning 26, baby sitting a wonderful doggy, returning home to Australia and a Christmas away from home. When I return I will be visiting Kruger National Park for certain so more photographs will come then. For now, I will slowly upload the rest of my posts and photographs that I have taken over my time here in South Africa. One year has gone so quickly.

Life is short, only if the quality of life lived is poor.

These photographs will be for sale upon my return, for all expressions of interest, either comment below or send me an email.