At school, we have Sepsis, a broken nose and glass in a toe. Fun times. Kellie was sick earlier this week and Marie was also, leaving poor Benjamin on his lonesome. It was a struggle but we made it through the day with only a few 'minor' injuries haha.

I have been working with a small team of students, artists, putting together an African Nativity scene, created for the sole purpose of being distributed to our supporters in Germany, in the form of a Christmas card. I am baffled by the skill level of some of the students on the team, so much so that I am pushing for one of them to be granted an Art's Scholarship. I spent most of the week getting the Sacred Heart website ready to go live, whilst working on the Three2Six website. I will send snapshots of the students work. That video I mentioned earlier is coming as well! I have been caught up with my duties I have forgotten of my duties to my peeps.

To see some wildlife photos taken recently go to the wildlife page on the website or click


Kellie, needing a driver to take her to Pretoria, had to put up with my less than brilliant driving skills in the VW. Bumper to bumper traffic, seriously, why does anyone buy a manual car? Are you mad at your ankles? Did your foot sleep with your best friend? Why put yourself through that?

We saw Deadpool at the IMAX cinema, amazing.


For Valentines Day, we went to the ZOO! AHHHH my sanctuary. Animals galore. Kellie loved the Monkey's the best, playing tug of war for ten minutes with a small vine. Poor Kellie lost the match to three cheeky monkeys, weak.



We also went to dinner at the local Italian, with a magician and a free bottle of wine. I think I am in the boyfriend good books, up for man of the year.



Not a whole lot to report on in terms of the project, things are going well and the students are enjoying their classes. Although Kellie and I did teach Grade 1 for a day, nothing less than a disaster. Managed to get through all the course work but man..... that was rough. One kid said he will kill me if I do not give him scissors, I think he was joking.... :)


Missing you all.



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