Thank you.

This post, is late. I should have done this a while ago so I apologise but I would like to show my appreciation for some of the people in my life. This experience would not have been possible without these people so here it goes.

Thank you to Annette, Lawry, Amy and Brett Bugeja including Clay and Steph, Jo and Charlie Vella, Adriano, the Sargents, the whole Chung Family, the whole Christou family (both), including Jim, Delice Carrol, the whole Wise family including Elle and Michelle, Kate and Richard, Daniel Ficco, Chris and Olivia, Jay and Lisa, Ash and Danielle Duster ;), Ash and Danielle Christou, Slickism and Em4Lee, Lynn and Lou Barillaro, Chirag and Bhavna, Mahlee and Dylan, Mitch housemate, Dave and Nikki, Jack and Daniel, Dan Mc, Mitch Hop, Tegan, Shane, Mel and the kids, the Hodges plus I know there are others and If I missed you it is not because I do not appreciate it beyond belief, simply a slip of the mind. ( If you notice a name missing, let me know quickly so I can get it up fast, story of my life )

You all helped me emotionally and physically with my exhibition and the funds raised are all because you are the most supportive people I have ever met. I cannot thank you enough. I feel purposeful, for the first time in my life and it is thanks to all of you.

Miss you all and hope you are all living it up. All my love and gratitude.


Benjamin BugejaComment