Maropeng (“returning to the place of origin”) [Setswana] Cradle of Humankind

Howzit sports-fans? Sacred Heart had their mid term break from Friday to Monday so guess what that meant!? PARTYY!? If driving a few hours in a manual car with no air conditioning to go into a cave when you are claustrophobic is your kind of party then we went hard, and went home.

During our scenic drive to Maropeng, we learned a few things.

1.) Taxi drivers are assholes.

2.) South African countryside is breathtaking.

We began at the Visitors Centre where our guide....'guided us' through history, teaching us about the four elements and the beginning of mankind. You can imagine how skeptical he was about religion. The VC is a breathtaking Tumulus, set in the rugged terrain of the countryside.

(A tumulus (plural tumuli) is a mound of earth and stones raised over a grave or graves. Tumuli also are known as barrows, burial mounds, or kurgans, and may be found throughout much of the world.)
Maropeng Tumulus

Maropeng Tumulus

After our tour, we spent time going through the educational attractions in the center, it was a touching experience as we traced the history of humanity and met our oldest ancestors.

We finished with a delicious lunch and then set sail (manual) for the 'Sterkfontein Caves', mentally preparing myself for yet another cave experience. I could not help but remember my experience in the 'Cu Chi' tunnels, Vietnam, something I had nightmares about since my claustrophobia decided it was going to royally funk up my day. Luckily, these caves were a little wider. whew.


The caves are home to this creepy ass gate, behind which one of the most historical finds of all time took place. The discovery of 'Little Foot', Australopithecus prometheus, an almost complete skeleton dating back 2.6-2.2 Million Years, one of our oldest Ancestors!!

Enough information, look at some more photographs!

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