Post Parasite Post

I am free of the hold this parasitic demon has had over me. I am free from it's stomach curdling screams, it's consistent bowel related interference, free of the worm.

We are noticing a large problem with Marijuana abuse here in Johannesburg, it is a part of the daily routine for many of the young citizens, the smell wafts into our bedroom most nights. We do not particularly mind the smell but it is off putting whilst trying to sleep and feel clean. The greatest task for us here is to persevere. Every week there is a new issue to deal with.
Regardless of how we feel, as long as we are not going to make the children sick, we come to school. Missing a day in the program is not only disheartening, it is actually heartbreaking.

I admire Kellie. She has come from a beach side suburb, clean air, low crime rate, clean streets and a quiet environment. She now lives in a city that is almost the complete opposite, yet she continues to push. She is a strong woman and a great role model for our learners.

Click here to read about the recent strike in Braamfontein, where we are staying.

In other news....the program is traveling along very well. Yesterday was extremely wet, all fo the kids turned up to school absolutely drenched! We spent most of the day hugging and giving them warm clothes, Linn had a small heater and warmed the children up one by one. We watched frozen during the active period as it was far too wet outside. Let it go, again.

I have discovered that Kellie has a slight obsession with a particular domestic activity.

Tomorrow we are taking our senior kids to the National Children's Theatre to watch a performance of 'The Little Prince', then I am painting with my visual art team and hopefully finishing off the nativity scene we have been working on.

Love to you all, I hope you are keeping safe and happy. I have found that this blog is a luxury as I am inconsistent with my posts so I apologize to those who are at home, frothing at the mouth, waiting for me to tell them about some disgusting ailment that I have contracted.

Peace ya'll.

Benjamin BugejaComment