Fishing and Drinking

This is a dual blog post about two separate days. We recently went fishing in Simon's bay and we also visited a most glorious winery by the name of Constantia Valley. Both of these days have been massive highlights as Kellie caught her first ever fish and we got a little tipsy with the parentals during wine tasting. Here, are our stories ( cue the Law and Order dun dun )


We headed to Simon's Town, early wake up. We found coffee and met the crew for our fishing charter. Even if we did not catch any fish, the scenery and the route we took through Simon's Town was enough to satisfy us.

Papa Bugeja in his element.

Papa Bugeja in his element.

Luckily enough, we did catch some pretty decent sized fish. Catch and release for all except one which was a beautiful eating fish.

As pictured above, Dad caught the first fish of the day, a beautiful Yellow Tail Kingfish and Kellie caught her first every, a Pyjama Shark! Look at her face...priceless. Personally, I had a long fight with an Eagle Ray, 50/60kg from the bottom of the ocean, about 50/55 meters deep. It took me 50 minutes in total to bring him up and to this date it is the biggest creature I have ever caught. He was released unharmed and I was left with a great memory and the sorest back you could ever have.

Here are a few photo's taken from the boat, the beautiful scenery and some seals on a rock!


For Mum's birthday, we headed over to Constantia Valley which is closer to Hout Bay on the other side of Table Mountain. We did a little....Wine Tasting

Groot Constantia is the name of the Wine we loved. We had some lunch and enjoyed our day out

Stay tuned for more Aussie Adventures in South Africa. Yessss!