Aquila Game

The reserve is a 10 000 hectare conservancy in the southern Karoo, and home to the big 5 legends of the wilderness.

Kellie and I could not let my parents leave without going on a game drive to seem some wild animals. The rise was early, the drive was long but well worth it to see the looks on my parents faces when they saw some majestic creatures up close.

Grandmother of the Pride. Post nibble.

Grandmother of the Pride. Post nibble.

The drive was bumpier than usual and the Karoo is extremely rocky for the most part, the ranger who took us on our drive was a little disappointing as he was very limiting on the amount of information he shared with us about the Wildlife we were seeing. In the past, our rangers have been fantastic and full of knowledge, hoping for as many questions to be asked as possible. He was a little smug and a little off putting but we just focused on what we were seeing, not what we could hear. Here are some more photo's.


ARC (Aquila Rehabilitation & Conservation Centre) is situated on a separate piece of land directly opposite the main entrance of Aquila Private Game Reserve. Aquila has donated the stretch of land to ARC and has also invested over R1 million building a large outdoor sanctuary comprising of several 1 hectare fenced camps where these once doomed “canned lions” can live out the remainder of their lives.

This is a photograph of one of the beautiful Lions that was saved from canned hunting.

Poaching is still a massive problem here in South Africa and ARC are doing fantastic things in the progressive war against illegal poaching. Hats off to them.

Stay happy and smile.