Migration within.

Good day to all, not so much a great day for us. Over the weekend we have had a few incidents that have caused us to begin looking for a new apartment. For two months we went incident free, only issues were with some of the kids at school but other than that we had been traveling well.

Saturday, we bid farewell to our beautiful Marie who has returned to Germany. She was a vital part of our team and we miss her every minute as her smile and laid back nature just makes the workplace such a wonderful environment to be in. We bid farewell to the Headmaster as he embarks on a fundraising expedition to the USA, taking some of my recent designs for Three2Six over with him. We look forward to hearing about his successes.

Brief time contraint ( 1.5 hours )  Last minuteBrochure Design for the Program plus a sneak peak at the new logo I also designed.

Brief time contraint ( 1.5 hours )  Last minuteBrochure Design for the Program plus a sneak peak at the new logo I also designed.


Sunday, we were working on a puzzle we have currently in the works, 2000 pieces and it is on our kitchen floor as we have no other space...priorities. Linn came over and we had a great breakfast and then our plans to head to a arts market were cut short. We left the building, crossed the road and heard a car alarm going off. We saw a man stealing various bags out of the back of the boot of the car. We thought it was his car until he sprinted away and left the back window smashed in. We grabbed security and I would have chased him but I was wearing broken thongs and the ground is covered in glass. Long story short, he made off this a mans laptop and all of his legal papers, credentials and forms as he was on his way to Pretoria, for work I believe.

The worst part of this was that the man had called the police twice and they never turned up. I called them once and they came ten minutes later. You see, the police, when they hear a crime has been committed against a white person they rush to scene, yet when a black person requests their assistance they will more than likely not show up, even though most of the police officers in Johannesburg are black. It was disgusting to see such a blatant display of racism.

The girls gave the police a statement while I was across the road talking to security about viewing the footage on the cameras our the front. Our building manager refused to let anyone see the footage as he did not want to get involved. He told his staff to keep out of it, luckily the staff that we are friends with there disgusted by his lack of compassion and proceeded to help us anyway.

As if that was not enough, a drunken idiot threw a bottle of ouzo out the window from the 2nd floor, it smashed against the wall and the falling shards cut a 5cm gash in a passerby's face. Her name was Eliza and she was about to board a bus to head back home. Luckily Linn is an EMT and bandaged her up after cleaning the wound, desperately calling an ambulance. I ran to the shops to get water for everyone and when I cam back, we had to be building security until the staff could return. Kellie buffed up her shoulders and has found her new passion which is Bouncing. Any clubs in Melbourne looking for a littler terrier bouncer named Kellie?

Linn getting some hands on training!

Linn getting some hands on training!


There was very little compassion shown for both of these people which is very disheartening. As a reward to ourselves for what had been through, we went to Roco Mama's and had wings and burgers....and milkshakes....and chips. Ahhh such a great feed. We returned home to gin and juice, snoop dogg, and puzzle time.

This weekends events have pushed us past our limit and we will not stay in Braamfontein much longer, most who live here are surprised and Braam is supposed to be relatively safe as it is a student hub and on the good side of town. Criminals are now realizing that people are more relaxed on this side so they commit most of their crimes here now. WOOHOOO WE GET TO MOVE IN AGAIN!


All of this coupled with watching two people shoot up heroin across the road from the balcony means that after we return from Cape Town in a few weeks we will be moving to the suburbs.

Kellie and I are happy and well, looking forward to our trip.

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Stay cool.