Lion's Head ( The Climb )

Lion's Head is a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. Lion's Head peaks at 669 metres above sea level.
Elevation: 669 m
Prominence: 420 m
Easiest route: Hiking

This being the last post during our holidays, I thought it should be one that is triumphant. Whilst in Cape Town, Kellie and I decided to climb Lion's Head, a mountain that is just over half the height of Table Mountain. This to some may not seem a difficult task but for two mid 20's volunteers with next to zero climbing experience, it was rather strenuous. I mean, there is a damn vertical wall with hand rungs and you have to climb straight up to get to the top. The rungs are distanced apart so that the person of average height can make the climb easy....I repeat...person of average height. We are not, of average height. One wrong move and you are gone, easy. The fall back down does not look like fun either.

Standing on the crack.

Standing on the crack.

Below are images taken from the top of the mountain. All photography credit goes to the talented Miss Kellie Vella. No way I was taking my 5d up sir.

To cap it off, I found a wild goose on the top, ex showgirl from Vegas I believe...Yoga Enthusiast...Stretch Armstong...Gumby... Kellie Vella.

Tomorrow we start back at school for Term 2. I am so excited for hugs and to hear stories about the kids holidays. We miss them every day we are apart and most of Term 2 it is Linn, Kellie and myself in charge as Esther will be on leave for most of it. Stay tuned for some stories about Three2Six as I am sure there will be plenty. 

Kellie and I attended a traditional Rwandese wedding on the weekend and I will be talking about that in the next post.

Stay Happy and Smile.