Light in a Dark Place

I have not posted in a while due to the demands of Co running the program with Kellie and Linn while Esther is on leave, so I apologise to my budding readers. During this time I have been working relentlessly on work for the College and getting the website for Three2Six finished, amongst my duties to the kids themselves which are endless. It is with great sadness that this post is written but It is important for those not living in South Africa to read.

Once a Three2Six learner, always a Three2Six learner. Every Friday our past graduates come to visit and help in class, let us know how they are travelling with their studies and our assistance is on offer when they ask for it. A particular learner who is a very promising and bright young man, who's father left him in the womb, has suffered a tremendous loss at the death of his mother. 

Congolese culture dictates that any marriage not fully sanctioned or legalised on the many documents it requires to be so, is a marriage without particular rights, aka, the Father has no right nor obligation to care for any child born of said marriage. His father has been located in France but at this point wants to remain behind the scenes. 

The problem we face is having a hopeful student sent back to the war torn country that he left for a reason. This would be seriously detrimental to his schooling as getting into school again without the aid of his mother paying fees or a scholarship, would be next to impossible. 

All we can do is console at this point. We are making plans to have him remain and Linn speaking French helps so much in this quest. Fingers crossed we can coordinate an effort, working with his relatives to either get him to France or stay in Johannesburg and finish schooling. 

Updates will come soon.