Moments Like These

Every now and then, things happen that take your breath away. A moment between two animals is something special, when both have no natural predator and love is found. This Giraffe, catwalk model of Africa, just had to smooch the beard. I told her that I have that effect on ladies ;) 

Make no mistake, this moment was something extraordinary for me. Kellie with me in the truck experiencing the beauty of such a majestic animal, so close to our faces. Her name was Zoey and the three of us bonded instantly.

Making out with a long legged lady.

Making out with a long legged lady.

I enjoyed my day out in the bush, watching the magic unfold in front of me. The word 'beautiful' left my lips roughly 236 times over the course of the day, now when I tell Kellie she is beautiful she just ignores me because I say it to all the ladies (Giraffes, Lions, Hyenas etc)

I have recently uploaded some photos into my wildlife section, to see them click the button below

As always, big love to my family and friends and readers, stay happy.