PTW June Edition....In August

The new magazine is out. It is a very long edition but worth a read. If you have been following the magazine then this is the one that connects all of the dots.

Click the cover to be redirected to the magazine.

Click the cover to be redirected to the magazine.

If you have not heard of Project Third World before then here is some information.

We work to develop good health globally by providing ongoing health education, health activities and advocate active participation by the public in these aspects. Our health activities are tailored to the health needs of the communities we work within.
All Project Third World health activities and education uphold evidence-based-practice, gold standard peer-reviewed research and internationally recognised health and clinical guidelines to ensure quality, validity, reliance and safety of Project Third World health activities and education.

Through our actions, Project Third World exemplifies that health is important to all life forms. Improving individual, community and global health must be seen as a responsibility of all individuals and proactively improved by all. Project Third World funds and donations are used to support and improve the health of disadvantaged children or orphaned children living in poverty who would not otherwise receive any support.