Bitter Sweet

Yesterday, one of our grade 3's said something to me that is playing on my mind a bit and as honored as I am to be on the receiving end of this particular comment, I cannot help but feel terrible.

'Ben Ten, I wish you were my Father'

All I could say was 'no buddy, no no, but we are already family'.


Who am I? What did I do? 

Answers I have none, but I know that the role model our kids need is a male who is not afraid to say anything. 7 months in and I feel the boys are less aggressive, perhaps I am having an effect on them. Only time will tell, but I hope that the beautiful boys in this project grow up to be men of honor and realize that the strength of a man is not in his egotism but in his humility and his ability to bring people up, not sink with them. I am by no means saying that I have changed the kids or it is all me, the Project has some brilliant male role models that are apart of the family, a long with the strong and humble women , who play the most important role of mother away from home.

Teaching these boys to treat women with respect and to grow with them and not against, is better shown through the persistence of the ladies in the project, by showing my respect and love for them, inadvertantly, the hope is that the boys see this.

They still think I am going to hell because of my tattoos, but are not so concrete about their beliefs because 20 seconds later, the learner who is educating me on who is first in line to enter the fiery gates of hell, is hugging me and telling me what they did in the morning.

7 months on, and I am still confused, but 25 years of privellege is a hard shell to shed.