Many years ago I did some work for a lovely lady from Nairobi in Kenya, who makes the most amazing jewellery and does some amazing work with the local community. We always kept in touch as we had never physically met, most of our correspondence was via email or social media. Today, I was lucky enough to visit her village about an hours drive from where we are staying. Her name is Nyokabi Githahu or 'Mary'.

Day one of our Holiday and we are in love with Kenya. What a warm welcome and a beautiful country! The difference between Johannesburg and Nairobi is vast. Meeting with Nyokabi was something special for me as a relationship that is nurtured without meeting physical will mostly mean there is a trust that lays a foundation, one that is always worth building on. I have held this woman in high regard and now so even more. Kellie, Nyokabi, Jacqui, John and I had a marvelous lunch, home cooked Kenyan meal that was simply divine. John is a friend of the family here and he picked us up so that we could be transported safe and sound to and from the village. Jacqui is Nyokabi's sister and equally as lovely. 


We talked about everything whilst Aljazeera news danced on the TV in the background, sparking our conversation with talk of war and global issues. We have never felt so welcome and loved in a country before, even someone's house. The village itself is an urban-rural setup and the road in was bumpy and rocky which was strangely nice considering we are always on flat roads. We learned how to say thank you and welcome and we will never forget. I am rambling but this was a special experience for me, I have wanted to meet this wonderful person for many years. 

For those who have purchased, or thought of purchasing the jewellery I am always trying to sell, this is the lady who makes them! Talented! She also bought us a special gift which is two Massai blankets and as you can see, I am in love!

I look like a dork but the blanket is beautiful!

I look like a dork but the blanket is beautiful!

Below are the examples that I worked with, let me know if you have an interest in purchasing some of these one-of-a-kind pieces! I own one!

In 33 minutes we meet with our group that we will be spending the next 14 days with, hope there are no annoying Australian's ;)