Road to Zanzibar / Day 2 / 3

I finally have some internet! Yawoooo! 7 days with no internet though, I tell you it was amazing. No work emails, no personal emails, no facebook no notifications, bliss. Day 2 of the trip however was uneventful, we just drove to a campsite near the Serengeti and pitched tents for our first night. Camping under the stars is something special in East Africa.

Day 3 / Drive to Serengeti / This was a dream come true for me, to be in the Serengeti, photographing animals and being a part of something truly special in appreciating the nature and wildlife. Sadly, this was a very sad day.

Elephant Bull

Elephant Bull

We crossed through the numerous gates to have our trucks checked, we were all in 4X4’s so the group was split up. The scenery was lush green and inviting, my excitement was building. We drove down an extremely long road coming down the side of Ngoronggoro Crater, one way into the Serengeti, one way out.

This once precious landscape was littered with tourists. I understand that I am a tourist also but honestly, if I had known just how bad it was, I would not have built it up so much in my mind.  Due to the sad nature of mankind, our revolution around money and greed means that there was no crowd control inside the park. As long as you paid, you entered.

The dense tourism of the Serengeti was off putting to say the least, particularly the extreme lack of respect for the wildlife. People pulling up next to lions on the side of the road and blasting animal sounds through their car stereo, just to illicit a response from the Lions. The wildlife know it all’s who talk as loud as possible so everyone around them knows that they are from National Geographic, people clicking at the animals and calling out to them….I mean, are you serious?

For people like me, this killed the experience on the first day, every beautiful creature we came across was marred by an obnoxious asshole who would drive in front of your view, with no regard to the fact you were there first, you were trying to take a photo and that you loathe what he represents, some people just do not care.

On the positive side, on our first day we saw 4 out of 5 animals that make up the big 5. Finally ticking Leopards off my list was something special. Albeit annoying that the Leopard’s chose to stay so far from the road, my photographs were not that wonderful.


We also managed to see Lion’s, Cheetah, Water Buffalo, Baboons, Blue Balls moneys, Vultures, Elephants, Hippos,  Impala, Red Heartbeest, Dik Dik, Warthog etc. After a long day’s drive, we headed back to camp to settle in for the night.