Road to Zanzibar / Day 4

Now, I said that I would be completely honest on this blog, and I admit, my judgement of the Serengeti changed so quickly. We escaped from the tourist part of the park and went to see a side that for some reason, no one goes to. I also witnessed something that blew my mind and also made me so happy I have a great camera.

Again, we saw 4/5 of the big 5. Even if I saw Rhino I would not say nor say where as poachers are sneaky fuckers.  I will skip straight to the fun part, we witnessed the mating of two beautiful Cats, a Lion and his Queen Lioness, for me, this was something so very special. Bearing witness to this particular scene was simply magnificent. The Lioness would walk away from the Male, do a large circle and then come back and present herself. The male would then climb on top and do his thing, lasting 12 seconds, many can relate ;) The sweetest thing was the Lion nibbled the ear of the female as he climaxed, she rolled over post coitus to keep all the baby goo inside, unprotected sex is a big problem with Lions ;)

We saw more amazing things that day,  due to it being dry season, roughly 40 hippo’s were all laying on eachother in the mud and it made for a smelly yet brilliant image. I was within 2 meters of 40 hippos who were looking straight at me at some points, but there was no fear, only awe. The hippos are at risk because there has been little to no rain, under the blistering sun, these dough boys can end up overheating and eventually dying, they were more interested in keeping cool than eating a human. I took this photograph for the bottom of a hippo trail, right next to the mudpool. Could have been eaten at any moment but the risk is worth the reward.

Hippo Heap

Hippo Heap

Eventually, I had to retreat as getting eaten alive by mosquitos and tsetse flies was a little too much for me handle. We headed back to camp for our last night in the Serengeti, satisfied and overwhelmed. Below are some more photographs of all the various animals we saw.