I am interrupting the blog posts of my holiday to talk about some sad news.

Last week, one of our dear grade 4's lost her Papa. Now this happens every day all around the world but this girl, came to school, performed in class and wore the bravest face you could every imagine from a girl so young. We at the Project, gathered some money and went to visit the family at their apartment. Our learner came and greeted us on the street and lead us to her mother who was devastated, lying on their single mattress in the lounge room with photos of her late husband nearby. Her youngest, a boy of no more than three, playing on a phone, smiling as he knows not what is happening. The pain you feel as a third party is horrible but the pain our learner is going through is unimaginable for me but she is so tough and her bravery is something to be admired. She mourns and she carries on, coming to school every day with bright eyes and a strength I feel I will never have. 

Sadly, we have also lost one of our maintenance staff. He visited his cultural doctor but it was not enough to save him in time. He was a wonderful man and always happy to help when you needed him, even when you did not. I am struggling here with all of the death and despair that orbits the project, yet I find solace in the smiling faces of the kids. Like I have said previously, I am in awe of their energy and appreciation. This project is something seriously special and I cannot imagine leaving so I am endeavoring to return in 2017 and 2018, not sure for how long, but I am not finished here and do not know if I will ever be. 

Personally, I am content and happy, every day I wake up knowing I am doing something special with my life and that is more than enough for me. My family is much bigger now.