Road to Zanzibar / Usambara Mountains

Welcome to the beautiful Usubara Mountains, Tanzania, South Africa.

The Usambara Mountains are a mountain range of northeastern Tanzania, within the Lushoto District of the Tanga Region, in tropical eastern Africa. The range is approximately 90 kilometres long and about half that wide.

Taken from the bus, 80 meter distance. This was a lucky shot.

I will no do a play by play of what we did whilst visiting this breath taking place but a little bit won't hurt.

Due to Kellie and I working at the Three2Six Project, we were very interested in seeing one of the local schools in action. Unfortunately, as it was a Sunday, the school was empty but photographs below show you a quick glimpse inside the classrooms.

We hiked through the local village for 12km, felt like 100km, damn ankles, but we met some of the local people on the way. One lady in particular, had such a handsome little boy on her back who refused to cease in saying 'Jambo' which means hello in Swahili. This continued for about 100 metres as they walked away down a dusty road.

Jambo little man!

Massai Lookout

We were treated to a delicious local lunch and invited to dance with the local families. I made sure I was second last to join so I could take some decent photographs. This simple act brought everyone together, it put smiles on all the faces and it simply made the 12km hike, worth every step

This lady knows how to twerk, yet it is actually a traditional dance called Perreo, someone came to Africa, saw booty shaking and thought, l'ets culturally appropriate this and put it in some music videos'.

More photographs from our hike