Once again, I am deeply saddened by the situations of our learners. Their circumstances are heartbreaking yet it has become commonplace for many of them. The most heinous crimes are committed against refugees world wide, as if seeking refuge in another country results in a loss of civil liberties. Why do people not understand this? Fear is destroying the humanity of the world, fear is embedded in our every being because we listen to the weak and we do not acknowledge the strength of those who endure. Fear is infectious, it can destroy cultures and societies in the blink of an eye. I am watching as the strength of a few changes the hearts of many. No one, has ever taught me more in my life than the children in Three2Six, and as cliche as it sounds, this is the truth. 

Whilst we sit in our offices and drive our fancy cars, spend money on pointless things and sit comfortably in our home, there are children who are having their youth destroyed, robbed, taken away from them for no other reason than they are 'different'. I urge people to spare thoughts for those walking down the street in their cities, who may be of a different race, culture or religion to that of the masses, spare a thought because you have no idea where they came from. Give love to those who embrace your society and have found a second chance. Do not fear them, help them by being mindful of others. The simplest of actions go a long way. I have found a self awareness within these children, conscious of the fact that they are not South African born and it is because of my own awareness that I can see how far a compliment can go in changing the outcome of a child's day, just how far a nod of understanding or a simple gesture that says 'no, you and I, we are the same', that says 'I will not treat you any different', that says 'I am here and you are with me'.

The souls desire to feel loved and appreciated is enough to change your life, feed the soul and nothing can tear you apart, dismiss that soul and fear wins and that, is something, that just simply cannot happen.

Benjamin BugejaComment