Constitution Hill / Play Africa

This week we went on a few trips to Constitution Hill where a group called 'Play Africa' had set up a bunch of activities for our learners to partake in. It was bedlam! Despite the chaos it was extremely entertaining for the kids and also the adults, I had so much fun painting and making things out of bottles and boxes, learning about the solar system in a mobile planetarium and just being a big kid!


As the event was open to children from many schools, our learners had the chance to interact with other kids their own age, also an integral part of the Three2Six Project which is integration within South Africa. Now, some of our boys are prone to violence as they have short fuses and think the only way to settle problems is with their fists. Two of our grade 3 learners, I am proud to say, walked away from a fight with boys from another school, and these two in particular, in the past, without a doubt, would have thrown fists. I am very proud to see the kids growing up and maturing, breaking down the barrier for young boys that is the endeavour to be tough and never vulnerable. The day would not be marred by such action and everyone left with a
big smile on their face. 


This is the mission of Play Africa

'To offer every child an educational experience worthy of his or her potential, to nourish a sense of belonging, and to engage and inspire all visitors to dream about the possibilities inside themselves, their families and their communities.

Play Africa seeks to pioneer inclusive public learning spaces in South Africa, creating engaged citizens and healthy communities by inviting all visitors to discover new worlds, to wonder, to ask questions and to imagine a better future through interactive, hands-on exhibits, programming and play'.

Love Letters

Getting creative!

For more information on Play Africa please visit their website and for more information on Three2Six head to this website.

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