Champagnat Day 2017

Champagnat day is always a big celebration within the Marist community and this year was no different! We hosted the Three2Six students from Holy Family and Observatory Girls, combined with our children it was 250 odd Three2Six children celebrating together.

There were a range of activities for the younger grades. Everything from building houses out of cardboard boxes, painting, playing with bubbles and just general running around. It was mayhem!



Blowing bubbles how ever we can!

For the senior students, they were asked to walk around the school and raise money to spend at the Champagnat Day markets where our Grade 6's ran a pizza stall and a stall selling bracelets.

Walking together

Every lap the children walked raised a little more money. Some kids walked around ten laps, keen to do their best!


The children raised roughly 2000 Rand!

I am on cloud nine every second I am with the kids, they have awoken a spirit in me these past few years that I knew not existed. For those who know me well I, and I do not use this term lightly, hated children. I had physical reactions to their presence and I knew not how to relate. I am changed in this aspect of my life, I mean, today we made cardboard box armour suits and ran around bumping into each other. How many adults get to have this much fun!?

I do not have photos of the box suits but maybe someone else does...Lena?

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