Mpumalanga / Kruger National Park

As it is mid-term holidays, we decided to get out of the city and road trip to Mpumalanga. 

 The name means "east", or literally "the place where the sun rises" in the Swazi, Xhosa, Ndebele and Zulu languages. Mpumalanga lies in eastern South Africa, bordering Swaziland and Mozambique.


From Gauteng to Kruger took around 6 hours

From Gauteng to Kruger took around 6 hours

The drive was pretty easy going but I think Beatrice got a little annoyed with my constant taking of photographs. 

It was beautiful though, driving through small towns amidst open plains and in the shadow of towering mountain-scapes.

Making it to our accommodation, we could not have been happier. A quiet little guesthouse only 500 metres from an entrance gate into Kruger National Park.... I could not contain my excitement!

Waking relatively early, we headed into the park to try and catch some big cats waking up, unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. We did however, encounter two monstrous Elephant Bulls who had a decent charge at the car!

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It is a strange thing but I always seem to find a pack of African Buffalo every time I am in the National Park. I am not complaining, they make for the most interesting portraits.

We did go on an early morning game drive but it was not very successful, we did not see any big cats which is unfortunate, but I have now made a list of everything I wish to photograph while back here for the year! I will release said list in a later post.

For Kellie

Your Favorite!

I finally took a relatively decent photograph of some Impala, not as easy as you would think to get a natural shot.

After leaving Kruger, we headed to a place called the Blyde River Canyon, to a place called Bourke's Luck Potholes and this was a beautiful spot.

Continuing on from the Potholes, we visited the Berlin Falls and a place called God's Window, alas it was far too cloudy for a good photo opportunity but still an amazing view.

Berlin Falls

As if the wildlife Gods were listening, a few Vervet Monkeys came my way, one sat so nicely for a quick portrait, a little out of focus but I was so happy to be allowed so close to a wild creature.

Below is his friend I have dubbed...'The Zen Master'.... did not help that a second after this shot he started playing with his 'monkey business'.

All in all it was a great get away made a million times more better by the company I had in Lena and Beatrice or 'Schvanzilein' and 'The Stroodler'. Good to have friends here that are like sisters to me.

Kellie my love I had flash backs to you hanging off the cliff...when you come back we are NOT going to visit here ;)

Stay tuned for more Three2Six news this coming week!

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