It has been a while since I wrote basically because I am on holidays and nothing major has happened over here. My mind is strong and I am dealing with things a lot better than last time. My mental strength is at an all time high and I am simply grateful to be surrounded by like minded people and the special love that is Three2Six.

I am preparing to go to Serbia to attend the wedding of a dear old friend and her Serbian hunk and at the same time I am really sad to have missed the tying of the knot between two people I love most dearly, Mike and Bec! I wish you both all the best!  

I am finding more and more time to sit back and reflect on life in general which helps with the anxiety and impending sense of doom that washes over me from time to time, coupled with the emotional strain of working here with specific aspects of the project, sometimes that moment to centre yourself is incredible important.  

I am pushing my photography ATM and I will be selling some shots when I return so if anyone sees something they like just comment or shoot me an email. 

When it comes to my general train of thought, I am shedding more and more that notion of monetary importance and the material, it sounds cliche and wanky but once you leave that bubble that you live in, growing up in Australia, you realise that life itself is simple, there is no right or wrong, there is only what is right or wrong for you. This does not apply to those who are inherently evil... well it does but not in this context. We breathe, we feel, we see and we experience, how you choose to do so is your own right. Some breathe slow, others see far, some feel sad and others experience the core of what it is to be happy. We have to let ourselves make mistakes, adapt, be at peace and appreciate the air in your lungs, the sight of friends, the feeling of community and experience the wonder of altruism. Three2Six taught me how to live.  


photo cred / Vincent Salinos